Application of blister vacuum forming in packaging industry

April 01, 2024

Auto parts packing tray-HDPE, ABS and other materials are usually used. The parts do not interfere with each other and are superimposed in misalignments. The color ribbon is used to easily distinguish the direction and reserve the operator's hand position. Including control arm assembly packaging pallets, rear suspension link packaging pallets, rocker arm pallets, rear suspension arm assembly pallets, and engine pallets. Customers can provide drawings and we will produce them. We can also provide 3D drawings of the parts. We have rich experience. Our engineering team designs pallets for you. If your parts have a painted surface, you can also use special materials to protect the parts, such as flocking pallets and PS flocking pallets, which can effectively protect the parts from being scratched. For the buffering effect of parts, the pallet facade can be designed with a reinforced rib structure, which can effectively break down the load-bearing gravity of the pallet and can be used in conjunction with automatic lines. Stackable and non-stackable structures can be designed based on the characteristics of the parts.

Anti-static packaging plastic tray-Anti-static packaging blister trays are available in PS, PET, PC, PP, ABS, HDPE and other materials. The material thickness is 0.2-8mm. The cavity can be customized according to customer requirements. The molding precision is high and the outer packaging can be transparent. Visual management can be used with robot grasping to customize different anti-static resistance values according to different needs of customers. the resistance value of the tray surface is below 10^6 or 10^6 to 10^10 ohm,ESD tray is an integral part of an electrostatic discharge control program. They are commonly used in industries such as electronics manufacturing, assembly, and transport, where protecting sensitive electronic components from ESD is crucial.

Application of packaging tray in power tools-Tools usually use PS, ABS and other materials. The cost of blister molding is much lower. It is suitable for many styles and updates quickly. It is very suitable for the power tool industry and other tool industries. We have developed dozens of molds and have seven Eight years of tool pallet molding experience. Whether it is a large tool or a hand tool, different thicknesses can be designed to meet certain load-bearing requirements and the optimal solution can be customized for you.

Medical parts packing tray-The medical and healthcare industry extensively leverages the thermoforming process for packaging devices, surgical instruments, and pharmaceutical products. Thermoformed trays provide a sterile and protective environment for these delicate items, ensuring their integrity during transportation and storage. Their customization capability also allows for tailored solutions to meet various medical instruments’ unique shapes and sizes.

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